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1. No one pimped me to Arashi, I've been drawn to them because of their song.
2. The one who baited me is Ohno Satoshi in Uta no Onii-san, despite the fact that he's more popular in Maou.
3. I hate Matsumoto Jun the first time I saw him (as Domyouji in HYD) but after knowing Arashi more I fell for him because of his personality.
4. For me, Matsumoto Jun is ugly. But at times when he looks good, he looks really really great!
5. I love fishing, just as what Ohno Satoshi love to do :P.
6. The first song that gave a big impact for me is Subarashiki Sekai which remains my favorite until now. The other legendary songs for me are Fight Song, 5x10, Step and Go, and Mukae ni Iku Yo.
7. I hate the color purple before, but because of Jun..well yeah, I started to see the attractiveness :P.
8. I dunno if what I was doing is called fangirling and I dunno about fandom at all. Not long after I knew Arashi finally i grasped that. Even so, if I have to choose, I don't wanna be called as a 'fan', just say that "I like Arashi a lot".
9. The moment I fell for Arashi, I feel like..."What''s this? Am I sick? Nooooo!" That's before I knew the word "Arasick" LOL
10. I believe that the man named Ohno Satoshi has no protection, is really easy to be harmed, and simply can be hated by anyone despite his look and attitude :))


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